HotWokRacing racemovies 2001

hotwok_corsa__lunda_010422.vfw 1,19 Mb
The clip is 18 seconds
and compressed with DivX.
This was the first real race for the little Wok.
Track: Lunda Airfield 010422
No clock, so therefor no time.
Thanks to DTM for the clip.

saab99_nissancherry.vfw 2,66 Mb
The clip is 19 seconds
and compressed with DivX
Bilsport, a day at the dragstrip:
This clip is where i drove my slowest race ever messured.
15,95 seconds/ 138,4 Km/h

Thanks to Robert Hansson for the clip.

hotwok_vs_s2_tullinge_010526.vfw 2,39 Mb
The clip is 22 seconds
and compressed with DivX
Zatzy Cup at Tullinge: Now things are getting interesting!
15,36 seconds/ 147,5 Km/h in this qualifying heat
toptime 15,18/ 146,7 showed up on the screen in the actual cup, against the green Corsa

Thanks to DTM for the clip.

After that I have run 14,835/ 146,28km/h at Tullinge raceway
At Mantorp I run 14,835/ 146,28 mk/h
After that event, I have run 14,835/ 146,28km/h at Tullinge.
At Mantorp 4/8-2001, my fastest run was 14,872/ 146,8 km/h...

Here is a film that 14,87 at Mantorp was only an idea of what to come at Tullinge 18/8.

wok_0-150.vfw, 2,7 Mb

The clip is 24 seconds..

One could think 0-150 shouldn't be any problems for a little wok,
but seriously, how fast does it go?
5,45 seconds is what my timer stops at when 100km/h I reached, and about 11 sec. to reach 150...
I can assure you that the film is not speeded!

I have put up these clips, with the permission from,
Ruben at
och DTM

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