2011-05-14/15, Kjula 660 Pro Test N Tune

First race of the season.
Expectations are at its maximum!
Will the last minute upgrades make any diffierence?
Hows the traction this year?
Does the tow truck start?
Anyone that even remembers where the track is?

Since we ran so fast last year we needed new clothes. IDG-Tools gave us what we needed.

Big thanks for that!

As the engine were taken apart during the winter a piston showed up cracked.

Japtuning gave us a new set to play with together with new bearings.

The intake had also cracked at the last race, so we looked into that issue too.

Better saffe than sorry I thought so I ordered a new driving suite and a shute.
Unfortunally I didnt get them until a week AFTER the race. The old suite was still ok to use,
but the shute was really a mess with big holes in it so I really needed that.
I borrowed a slightly bigger shute from a friend for this race.
It was a brand new alcohol shute and it never occured to me that the size could cause any problems.
-I was very very wrong thinking so. I will get back to that issue later on.

It fealt like my old Garrett GT42-R needed retirement so I found a used Borg Warner 375 to a good price

Not as shiny as the old one, but not at all a bad upgrade.

The tow truck actually started after some annual check ups.
New door locks, new stereo, new windshield and even passed by MOT.

Not that we had any major problems finding back to the track,
but it was still dark as we arrived...

Saturday morning in the pit.
A bit more far from the track than we are used to but instead we had electricity
so we didnt need to start the generator as soon anyone wanted a cup of coffie.

Final check and warmup.

First burnout for the season is always the best!

Fille guides me back after the burnout,
Nalle back in the whater guides Fille.

Then its just me, my oponent, the track and the starter...
...the starter looks like shes enjoying my launch controle. =)

First round fealt good. Really good.
The 60ft was far from perfect. Track was pretty cold,
but 254kmh in speed shows that the new turbo understands its mission.
The settings that made the old Turbo boost 42PSI made the new one boost 50PSI.
I have sayed it before and I state it again. Autronic can not regulate boost properly.

In this run I was at peak rpm over the finnish line on third gear.
As I pulled the shute something verry strange happened.
Instead of the usual soft braking I suddenly only saw the ground
and the car started to dramaticly turn from side to side like crazy.

I tried to figure out what happened but no problems could be found back in the pit,
and no one had seen what happened either. Everyone were just so happy over the 254kmh
so the most logical explenation had to be that I let go of the accelerator before the shute were fully expanded.
Thats a known fact that one have to drive into the shute for it to safely brake the car.

It wasnt until two weeks later I got to see this amazing video:

Filmed by Kalle Uhr

So now I have experienced the concequence of having a too large shute.

Since I didnt know what really happened I just thought, lets hit it again and see what happens.
This time I better shift to fourth gear right before finnish. Then I can really step on it until the shute really takes the car and THEN let go. My old shute had much shorter lines so I was pretty shure this was going to solve the problem.

All set for next round.

I could not have ben more wrong. The major difference from the first run was that the car went even higher in the sky, and it turned so heavily I feared it would roll for a second. After the second run I were not so shure I wanted to pull the shute anymore. I could not be my imagination two times in a row? Something is not working as it should here.

I got a small missfire in the second run wich was located to the Autronic SM4 hardware.
Its built in MAP sensor could not read boost above 440kpa (50psi) so anything above caused the ECU to go into limp home. Limp home for map sensor were set to 26PSI so thats a quite logical reason for the missfire. The obvious solution was naturally to set the limp home value to 54psi. I mean, whats the estimated boost when it exceeds 50psi? =)

With that adjustment made the car went really well in third round.
The ride was awsome, but I was so worried what would happen this time when the shute went out so I didnt dare to take my eyes off the track to look in the rear view mirror like I usually do.
I just went faster and faster, and nothing happened. The shute was stuck in the bag. Oh bugger.
At Kjula raceway there is absolutely no problem to stop without the shute and normally you can stop without any problems at all 600m after the finnish line. The rescue team have a post at that point, and they told me no one had ever passed them in such speed before...

When I stopped aprox 1000m after the finnish line I went out to see what happened with the shute.
As I did it popped out right in my face.

So how did I do?
I told you it fealt really well, didnt I?

I lowered the European FWD record with 0,12 seconds, just like that!
Really a superb start of the season and nothing even broke.
Just refuel, have a coffie and race.

Now we have to make new stickers for the intercooler. =)

Some of the team.
From left: Micke, Nattis, Nalle, Fille, Elmer, Andersson and Dr Ernie turning his back to the camera:

Here is Eve, Larsson and some of the team having a laugh betwen the runs:

Eve wrote a really nice Blog post at garaget.org
from the weekend. Unfortunally its only in Swedish:

Sundays eliminations were cancelled due to rain,
so instead we sat in the rain looking at an airshow and finding how well team Walm racings FC body fitted the wheels of their bus and a team vehicle from the right angle...
-Yes, we were bored. =)

Dont miss the film from the event:

(Link to download/stream page)

A week from this event we will go to the magazine Bilsport´s event EDPS in Emmaboda, Småland.
Hope for better weather and maby even better times?