2011-05-28/29, Kjula Mälardalen Open #1
Quick summary

First run went really well. 9,28-254kmh
Then shit started to happen...

First a set of nice pictures from Mallan:

Fairly quickly it became more and more obvious this just wasnt our weekend.
In our second run a swingarm went straight off, causing the car to twist all over the track.
it was plain luck my opponent did such a false start that we didnt crash.
The swingarm, a CV-joint and some scraches on my front were all the damages.

Pelle, one of the crew checks that we are okay before we head to the barn to wach the band.

With only one qualifying run we made it to Q No3, and thats not bad at all.

With a fresh rebuilt swingarm in place we destroyed the gearbox like never before.
It was so bad it even hit and damaged the clutch some...

I cant complain though. Robert Uhr with this ultra cool Saab 93
got a hole in his engine block on saturdays qualifications...

Many thanks to Malin Mallann Ulfves for great photos www.mallannphotos.se

Heres a film from the weekend: