2011-09-17/18, Kjula Slight Return

In normal cases this would be the last event for the season.
Thereby the name, "Slight return". No one has ever atempted to
run a race later in the summer than this...
This year however there were two more races.
Both at Tierp Arena, but thats another story.

When I write this it has already turned to 2012,
but I still want to tell you this story.

This was a verry special weekend for me in many ways.
We set two new european FWD records. 9,18 and later on 9,13.

Unfortunally it all fealt pretty worthless.
As Me and Nalle put on new stickers on the truck the day before this event
my father died 63 years old in a hospital 8km away.

I arrived to the hospital an hour late to say goodbye.
That really sucked.

I really didnt feal like attending to the event,
but when I told my father earlier that same week about the event
he got really happy so I fealt I had to race. To honor him.

When i got back to the pit after a successful run I didnt feel anything.
Totally numb.

The whole weekend went well over expectations I belive.
I was too sad to be able to register much of what was going on.
We didnt brake anything and we ran faster than ever anyway...

One cool detail was that former Swedish FWD Champion, Niklas Ekwall,
showed up with his Honda Civic to try a comeback but without luck.

Here is a film from the event:

(link to download/stream site)