Sweden Finals 28-29 September 2012

The only thing we really needed to to after the last race,
was a quick regrind of the valves. We got a new set of slicks,
borrowed a race bus and our minds were set to record runs all weekend.

As a bonus to it all, I had to work overtime on thursday evening so a all the team,
had to sit in the bus outside the garage and whait for me for several hours…
When I arrived to the garage, the car was already loaded to the truck so
all I had to do was, get in, and floor it.

Somewhare on the way, the LT31 pretty much doubled its power to an astonishing…
…hard to say, but at least 50hp! The truck went crazy and I even over took a lorry on the highway.
It was like my truck fealt it would soon to be not needed anymore, since we have got a race bus to the team.
The bus cost nearly as a full tank of diesel so it was not in excellent condition.
Therefore we got to borrow a different bus for this trip.

After a 2hour highway truck race, we arrived to Tierp Arena's closed gates.
We knew they would be, but figured its better to sleep in the bus outside the gates,
than leaving the garage in the middle of the night to get there to when the gates open…

Friday morning
Qualification should start Friday morning,
but there were heavy to light rain all day.
Everyone in the team were on their toes of excitement.

We found a moment of less raining, so we could get the car to tech inspection.

Towards afternoon it stopped raining and started to look pretty ok.
Obviously it was still verry cold, so it took a long while for the track to dry.

A small photo experiment…

Woodstock, the rat, R8 or Rolf as he is named that let us use his bus for the weekend,
normally runs Formula Offroad. In the boot we found his spare tyres.
Thinking of the weather during this weekend,
this kind of tyres would definitly be a better choice…

Samuel with his brand newly built Skyline even took his car out of the pit,
to be as prepared as ever, just in case there would be a chanse for a Q run.
We warmed up our car in the pit, and that prooved to be enough…

The only ones that got to run any Q runs at all during friday was Junior Drag and Stock/ Super Stock,
and not even they got to run all cars in their fields before the fog started to moisterize the track making it slippery.

The fog came early in the evening, and stayed all night.

Accoring to all weather forecasts, there were risk of rain all weekend at any time,
but since Tierp Arena is an old military air field, and all such activities used to be placed
in places where it geologically is a low risk of rain.
We just had to keep our fingers crossed.

We plugged in the heater to the car, and tryed to stay warm as good as we could.

We ran in Super Comp this weekend, and our class were first out on saturday morning.
Its no ones wich to be the first class out, but someone has to start the days racing,
and I figure its the same for all. Our pit marshall had told us to be at the lineup 09.00 sharp.
The track were still wet, but we were at the lineup 08.55. We were first, and…

Short after, the rest of the class arrived.

After yet another while the pit marshall arrived and told us there were at least 30minutes left until the track were race ready.
When 30 minutes had passed, and yet 30 more, we were allowed to enter the tunnel wich leads to the track.
In the tunnel we waited for another hour. The big difference between waiting in the lineup to the tunnel,
was quite obviuos that there were verry verry windy and cold in the tunnel…
At least we could see the jet dryer working on the track.

One usually says that one that waits…
We were first in the line and if there were going to be any racing, we were there to take part of it.
The track being super cold, I did a super burnout…
From the outside you can see the car wants to go right, while I turn hard left to keep it on track.

We did our best to get the car back in its tracks.

Right at the starting moment I got a small tyreshake, before it lost traction.
I noticed now more crear than ever that the the car wanted to turn right.
I had a hard struggle for keeping command over the car, and as long as the tyres spunn
it was an even fight. Right before 60ft I got another tyre shake as the tyres got the tracktion back.
at that moment I totally lost controle and the car went straight into the wall, nomatter of what I did.

I basicly hung in the steering wheel, but nothing helped.
I even let go off the throttle but it was too late.

Luckily, it looked alot worse than it looked at first.
As soon as I got the car to stop, I jumped out to see the damage.
I was expecting the worst, and was positively suprized when I saw the damage.
Mostly paint and scratches. The commerrcial sign were collected by my door,
and the battery died from the crash, but apart from that I fealt quite reliefed.

Since we werent qualifyed and there were no more Q runs for sure,
we didnt bother trying to find out the reason at once,
but later on we discovered that the tyres were of too different size.

About half an hour after we got back to the pit,
it started raining again and the race were canelled.

Many teams packed their stuff and left at once.
We packed our car and stuff, but since this is the last race for the season,
there was a big party on the evening and we wouldnt want to miss that.

According to an old saying, birds fly upside down when passing Tierp.
Guess they didnt do that after all... ;)

Here we are eating the dinner.
There were various courses to chose from.

Later on there were two different live bands.
One from Sweden and one from Malta.
There were practicly free beer.

Large scale fireworks.

Sunday morning I sneaked to the track to have a look at the posers I stole...

When we were fit to go home (in the afternoon) most teams had already left.

Then the bus didnt want to start.

Filips son, Assar didnt find that interesting,
so as we tryed to figure out why the bus didnt start,
he ran around at the track while the dragrace team from Malta took their truck for a spin.

After charging the bus for several hours without any change,
we discovered there was a security function that made the bus
not to start when conected to a charge startion at the bus station.

Det här blev verkligen inte alls som fjolårets suveräna avslutning på säsongen...

Film from the event:

Photo: Malin "Mallan" Ulfves and woken.se.